The Flavel, Dartmouth

7.30pm, Flavel, Flavel Place TQ6 9ND

‘Journey through Eastern Europe’

Rachmaninov: Preludes from op. 23 and op. 32
Prokofiev: 6 Visions Fugitives
Janacek: V mlhách (In the Mists)
Pärt: Für Alina
Chopin: Sonata no. 3 in B minor
From the sultry passion of Rachmaninov, and Prokofiev’s whimsical, other-worldly ‘Fleeting Visions’, to the meditative intensity of Chopin and the Estonian Arvo Pärt, this recital explores the soundworlds of Eastern Europe. Leoš Janacek wrote the cycle ‘V mlhách’ during a dark and uncertain period of his life – the four folk-influenced movements seem shrouded at times, but glow with intimacy and introspection.